Gujarati Thali

Gujarati Thali – A completely aristocratic experience of staple Gujarati food

Gujarati thali is an absolute brand ambassador of the cuisine and culture of Gujarat. With an aristocratic feel to it, the thali consists of food varieties from all corners of Gujarat. The best part about the thali is that it displays the grandeur of Gujarati food in its presentation and delicacy of its taste with a number of food items. The thali is full of items that capture the true spirit of Gujarat which famously mixes sweet and salty tastes, just like the nature of the people of this wonderful state.

The iconic city of Ahmedabad is brimming with restaurants serving versatile Gujarati food and delectable Gujarati food thali to satisfy the Gujju food cravings of the crazy food enthusiasts. The city raises its standards high when it comes to the taste & the flavours of the traditional, authentic Gujarati food and also witnesses an extensive food rush throughout the year. The restaurants serving unlimited lunch and unlimited dinner in Ahmedabad are always thronged by patrons. Displaying its versatility, uniqueness and value for money the fixed and unlimited Gujarati thali stand out the rest!

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Amdavadis are very lively, jovial and are huge fans of the Gujarati food thali. The aromatic & savoury Gujarati cuisine plays a pivotal in the lives of the people dwelling in Gujarat. The festivals and celebrations are almost incomplete without the presence of multiple Gujarati dish in Ahmedabad.

Whether you are settled in Ahmedabad or you are here for some leisure travel purpose, your acquaintance with the city is incomplete unless you immerse yourself in the essence of the authentic Gujarati cuisine.

Considered as the food of Royals, the Gujarati thali gives the feel of enormous food for lunch or dinner. It is more than enough to full your tummy with some extraordinarily tasty food items and farshans. You almost feel like a royal while having a huge vegetarian lunch or dinner plate called ‘thali’ in Gujarat. You would find vegetables both in dry and curry forms, sweet dal, kadhi – a curd preparation, bhakhri, chapati and other bread varieties as well as khichdi and rice along with other accomplishments like pickles, sweets, buttermilk and papad.

Iscon Thal is a big name and definitely demands a mention while talking about the best Gujarati restaurants, serving unlimited dinner in Ahmedabad. And when at Iscon Thal, the ones who like to get taste of many things on a plate must go for the Gujarati thali. Iscon Thal lays the table with the best Gujarati thali that brings you the real spirits and ethos of Gujarat with every morsel.

Apart from the mouth-watering food, the thali also pleases the eyes with its colourful display of food varieties. Arranged beautifully in different bowls, the thali also fulfils the nutritional needs in a truly tasty form. Iscon Thal have crafted a unique shape thali, done very first time in Gujarat for the comfort and style of eating. It’s never-seen-before rich platter for the Ahmedabad people.

If you are foodie enough then even without a second thought you must walk-in-at Iscon Thal, to explore the best Gujarati dish in Ahmedabad.

Why Gujarati thali from Iscon thal?

  • Hygienically prepared food
  • Prepared by the best chefs from across Gujarat
  • Fills the tummy and enchants the eyes
  • Quenches your desire for the ultimate Gujarati food
  • Served with love
  • Pleasing ambience to enjoy food
  • Complete family place that reflects the culture of Gujarat
  • Total value for money

Our Gujarati Thali comprises of:

  • Welcome Drink
  • 2 Sweets
  • 3 Farsans
  • 4 Vegitables (Kathol, Green Veg, Punjabi and Iscon Thal Special “Bataka Rasavala”)
  • Rotli/Puri/Thepla/Paratha/Bhakhri/Bajra na Rotla/Makai na Rotla
  • Green Salad
  • Chutney (Green and Sweet)
  • Marcha (Iscon Special Stuff Chilli)
  • Dal (Gujarati and Punjabi)
  • Rice
  • Kadhi (Gujarati and Kathiyawadi)
  • Khichdi
  • Masala Chaas
  • Papad
  • Mineral Water
  • Gud (Jiggery)
  • Desi Makhan
  • Rajwadi Mithu Pan

Price: ₹330 (Adult) and ₹189 (Child age 4 to 10 years)

At Iscon Thal, the Gujarati thali is loved equally by the kids, youth and elderly. So, when you want to take away the taste of Gujarat, come to Iscon Thal to savour the best Gujarati food.

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Iscon Thal is the trio of Authenticate Gujarati Taste, vivid locus of Iscon cross road and good service. It is a proud venture of Surbhi Group (Junagadh Wala) established with an aim to serve Gujarati’s very own staple foods & traditional sweets in a “THAL”.

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